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To the Church of Philadelphia, I extend greetings and peace from the Lord.

    You're on this list because you've either been looking for, or you've found a message of truth here that no one else in the world is teaching.  And, I want to remind you that Brother Sal is not the Message.

Paul's end time teaching is the message.  You Philadelphians see it because you are the people of the day, not of the night.  You know you are going to heaven because you have God's word on it.  So, Rejoice and comfort one another in that!

But, because you are who you are, you are the ones that Paul is speaking to in his end time message.

You are the ones that need the awakening the message brings, because it's your responsibility to first; rejoice that you know, and second to warn those who are asleep. And, that's not a cliché, it's a command from God through the Apostle Paul.

God is calling you, through Paul, the founder God picked to reveal the hidden meaning of the Tabernacle in the wilderness, The Church, to the Gentile world.

Your response is not to me, but to Paul and ultimately God.

We understand this end time word now, because time has lapsed to the time when Daniel's words are unsealed, and with that the increased knowledge of this time.  The end time calls for an understanding of the end of our covenant, of which Paul was completely aware and taught.  But the time for it to happen was a mystery locked up in Daniel.  Just as the timing for the Messiah was wrapped up in the Feasts of the Jews.

When His time arrived, Jesus came on the scene, and performed the acts necessary to fulfill the scripture concerning Salvation in the fullness of that time. 

When the Jews refused the offering of Jesus as the Messiah, God's word was left hanging unfulfilled.  But, hidden in His mind was the mystery of the Church, the substitutes, built into His Word from the beginning, revealed to Paul, because the need arose. 

In the substitutes His word would be fulfilled.  And to them the reward was changed from Salvation and God's Kingdom on earth, to Salvation and Heaven, and then rulership in God's kingdom on earth.

The Rapture at the end of the covenant is built into Scripture in Paul's teachings.  Destined from the day they were written to be understood in the time when the events of Daniel's prophecy were seen on the stage of history.

You folks that have studied the end time awareness Bible Study of  Daniel, Revelation, Rapture and the Mideast Today, have been taught where to look, what to look for, and why you are looking there.  If you have looked, then you have seen, because it is now unmistakable.  If you are a newbie, then get the study and catch up.

This is serious stuff now.  We are getting so close that I have had a number of people contact me to tell me that they feel Gods call to join this Ministry because they see the overwhelming truth in the picture that Gods prophecy has painted and history is fulfilling.

Folks, this is the call to arms.  Paul's word is there.  All recorded in Scripture and now understood in its end time meaning. All God needs now is the Army to assemble around Gideon to encircle the Church, and shine the light of this knowledge on them.

I don't know how many God has in mind, but He has called 72 to this point.  What I do know is the mission He's calling us to.

We are the light bearers of this time.  Paul, a Benjamite, the light bearing Tribe of Israel, the edge of the sword of the Lord, left the message clearly imbedded in his teachings waiting for us in this time to rally around it. 

God waited until the time of the end to awaken us to this understanding, and Paul said we were the people of the day and of the light!  That means it's the Philadelphians who will see the light!  So, all you Philadelphians out there within the sound of my voice, the message is this.  It's time to get involved; join the Gideon's Army!

That means that God has you ready, so answer His call when you hear it.  Rise to the occasion for which you were destined before the foundation of the world. We are about to get our marching orders.  But everyone needs to be on the same page, and that takes study.  The studies are all prepared and ready for you.

God would never allow it happen until we are ready to win the battle, so the call is ahead of the event, like the wind before a rain.

Now many of you might think that I am being rather dramatic.  Well, let me assure you that I am not.  I am acting in the Faith that comes from my confident belief that we, The Philadelphians, are the ones chosen to bear the light of this truth to the Church in the last days.

After all, The Church of Philadelphia is the end time remnant of the those still listening to Paul.  Who else would He call upon?

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God bless all of you.
Brother Sal