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By CHN's Staff Writer


Novembers Editorial

Sunday, November 30, 1997 - THIS IS THE WEEK THAT WAS when it comes to sorting out who's who and what's what on the Mideast scene.

Our contention that King Hussein, the Hashemite King, is the "Little Horn"/"Peacemaker" character of Revelations and Daniels Prophecy, has taken a giant leap forward.

During this week, the news reports the following (all of the backup articles are contained in the next section - This Weeks Important Stories):

The King has lashed out at the Israeli Government as the stumbling block to peace, and accused Arab opponents of peace with the Jewish state of encouraging Israeli intransigence with their "worn out methods."

With this one statement, the King is distancing himself from both "camps" and truly emerging as His own "man"...Thee man.... the man on the "white horse of peace"

The authority for this comes from the US President Bill Clinton and his regime - They have turned up the heat on Bibi, and are using their "sponsoree", King Hussein as the flame.

King Hussein sent a letter to the UN emphasizing his stand with the Palestians and Jerusalem. In it he says, "enough is enough"...all the 'old hatred and lies and deceit will never archive true peace.... It is the "leaders" that are perpetrating this 'evil' of non-peace on the people.... It is time for the people to speak for themselves through a "true peace-seeking voice", a voice that is willing to forgive and forget the "past evil of hatred".... for the good of human kind....!

Bibi is running scared - He would like the Israeli people to believe his rhetoric, but it's getting old and stale. . . and besides if the King says otherwise then it's otherwise. . . to the Israeli people.

This week it became common place for "all' to agree [starting with Ariel Sharon] that a Palestinian State is "good". But, It's better if a Likud government is in power when it's recognized. Tie that in with "enough is enough" and one can see that the compromise is coming!

This week brought us the news that the foreign Minister of Qatar is calling Mubarak of Egypt a liar, and "is incapable of leading the Arab world and should resign as president of the Arab League."

This week also brought the news that Jordan-Iran relations are on the rise. King Hussein will even visit Iran very soon, for the first time in many years, and will bring with him a message from Prime Minister Netanyahu.

And can you believe this: Israel is in the process of assigning Jordan a larger mediating role between itself and Iran, at the expense of Russia.

The New York Times reports that "The Pope's in a Confessional, and Jews Are Listening" - a story concerning the long awaited "mea culpa" from the Catholics about their looking the other way during the Holocaust.

To all of this, Bibi struck back with an interview on CNN in which he stated (concerning the snub of the Clinton Administration towards him): "No Prime Minister of Israel is humiliated personally, all insults are directed to the office of the Prime Minister of the State of Israel and the entire Jewish state feels humiliated that such action is directed against us" - yeah sure!

Then there was the article in MER entitled: America the brutal, America the ugly, where it points out that contrary to the feelings of Americans, the remainder of the world see the USA as the Capital of Global Arrogance. The final paragraph rings in our ears - "...Yet no wonder there are so many around the rest of the world who now think so much about payback time...." I can't help but think that this is how America gets eliminated and why the throne goes to the King in the Prophecy.

It is our humble opinion that all the various situations that are happening right now on the planet are happening in the places and for whatever reasons . . . are happening because they are all so much a part of the prophecy. . . . . it is amazing!



Dec/Jan Editorial:






This is the week that was when it came to the birth of public awareness of the "Temple Mount Compromise".

Here is the scripture: Rev 11:1,2:

v.1 "Then I was given a reed like a measuring rod. And the angel stood, saying, "Rise and measure the temple of God, the altar, and those who worship there.

v.2 "But leave out the court which is outside the temple, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the Gentiles. And they will tread the holy city underfoot for forty-two months.


In these two verses God is telling us that when the Temple is rebuilt in Jerusalem [as a result of the peace made by Daniel's "little horn character" that the physical area of the outer court is to remain in the possession of the Gentiles.

Presently, on the Temple Mount site the Muslims have their Dome of the Rock, and al-Aksa Mosque.

The Jewish extremists are advocating the "removal" of the Mosque to make way for the rebuilding of their Temple. But, because God has instructed that the outer court be left in the hands of the Gentiles the compromise will be a "shared Temple Mount" . The Jews get their Temple, and the Muslims keep their Mosque. Those are God's instructions to them.

It is this compromise that is a major part of the "peace package" that is being negotiated at this very time. Furthermore, because it is by "declaration and treaty" that the Muslim Holy sites in Jerusalem are under the authority of the Hashemite King, King Hussein of Jordan, that any compromise of these Holy sites will have to be done through him.

The Palestians have always had their differences with King Hussein regarding this matter until just recently. Now they have come out with their statement confirming that they no longer resist his authority over the Holy sites in Jerusalem. And they said it in such a way as to include their recognition of the Israeli Peace Treaty with Jordan, which includes Article 9.

Now, this past week, we have the Rabbinical confirmation that both Jews and Muslims serve the same God (article below), and both are entitled to their separate places of worship without interference from the "terrorist faction". This as well as the Palestinian recognition of King Hussein's authority over the Temple Mount are monumental steps toward that eventual peace.

The back up articles we present here are the "on stage" proof of where we are in God's prophetic time table. We continue to admonish all, to put on the "prophecy glasses" as we do, and see for yourself if these events say this to you.

In scripture, Jesus commands both Jews and Christians " watch.." and our ministry is merely that... a call "to watch".


Mid East Dispatch 12-28-97

Key Statement:

"...We mentioned this despite the fact that in the past that there were in the past disagreements with Jordan over this issue; [of the Arab institutions in Jerusalem] however, the present reality obliges us to strengthen our cooperation with Jordan in order to confront Israel [Jordan/Israel Peace Treaty Article 9]..."


Faysal Al-Husseini, the Minister for Jerusalem Affairs in the Palestinian Authority told Al-Quds newspaper:

Two principles underline the Palestinian Authority's stand on Jerusalem:

1. The 1967 borders: These borders are not [the realization of] the Palestinian dream, nor of the Israeli dream. Rather they are international boundaries imposed on us. And in as much as the international reality prevents us from demanding Lod and Ramla, it prevents them [the Israelis] from annexing Jerusalem. Jerusalem that we demand is the one occupied in '67.

2. The international nature of Jerusalem: As far as I'm concerned I don't want a fence to separate East and West Jerusalem. The solution maybe such that Jerusalem will become an open city and a capital for two people - East Jerusalem capital of Palestine and West Jerusalem their capital. This does not mean that my properties in West Jerusalem do not belong to me, and there should be a way to reach these properties, especially since the Palestinian side owns 70% of West Jerusalem.

Everything within the Palestinian area [in Jerusalem] will be subject to Palestinian sovereignty, no matter who lives there.

The relations with Jordan have been transformed from a situation of clash to a situation of an agreement or of an alliance.

We must remember that after '67 it would have been impossible to guard many of the [Arab] institutions in Jerusalem, had they not belonged to Jordan.

We mentioned this despite the fact that in the past that there were in the past disagreements with Jordan over this issue; [of the Arab institutions in Jerusalem] however, the present reality obliges us to strengthen our cooperation with Jordan in order to confront Israel [Jordan/Israel Peace Treaty Article 9].

As long as Jordan says that Jerusalem is the capital of the Palestinian State, there should be no problems. At this point, we have to deal only with the positive aspects [of Palestinian-Jordanian relations]; ultimately, once we get rid of the occupation, it is possible that we will have a relation of unity with Jordan and maybe with Lebanon and Syria as well, because in the future small states will not survive. We need to seek Arab unity in order to safeguard our existence in the next stage.

We insist today on the establishment of a Palestinian state because without it there will be no stability in the region nor will there be stability in Jordan. I challenge anybody who claims that he knows the number of Jordanian citizens in light of the political involvement practiced there. Also, there is an increase in the number of voices in Lebanon that claim that the Palestinian presence in this country has harmed the delicate ethnic balance there and their continued presence will lead to the same result... {AL-QUDS 12/28 H}



As the "time" approaches, the Temple Mount situation is stirring up tremendous "againstness"......and "peace" is the "cessation of againstness"...

It is very interesting how God is allowing the Devil to tell his lies while all the time leading him [Satan] right into God's will.

And the lie that is being perpetrated is that the Israelis want to tear down the al-Aqsa Mosque in order to build their Temple.

.......and the numbers of people hearing this lie ".... A Muslim preacher told hundreds of thousands of Palestinian worshippers ..." [nearly 300,000 Muslims flooded into al-Aqsa mosque complex]

Key statement in the article:

"...Israel sharply denounced Bitawi's remarks. "This is the most irresponsible thing anyone can say, not only because it's a lie from the beginning to the end, but because it can make Muslims believe that there is such an intention," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's senior aide, David Bar-Illan, told Reuters...."

"...."There can be nothing further from the truth," he said. Amid heavy Israeli security nearly 300,000 Muslims flooded into al-Aqsa mosque complex in the heart of Jerusalem's walled Old City for prayers on the first Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan...."


if ...."there can be nothing further from the truth"...then what "is" the truth....??

The truth is .........Rev. 11:1,2......shared Temple Mount.

2 January 1998

Muslim preacher says Israel plots to raze mosque

Web posted at: 23:15 GST, Dubai time (19:15 GMT)

JERUSALEM (Reuters) -A Muslim preacher told hundreds of thousands of Palestinian worshippers in a Ramadan Friday prayer address at Jerusalem's al-Aqsa mosque that Israel was plotting to demolish Islam's third holiest shrine.

"Al-Aqsa mosque is in danger because the Israeli government and people are determined to demolish the mosque and build their claimed temple," Sheik Hamid al-Bitawi, chief of the Muslim sharia court in PLO-ruled Nablus, said in his address.

"The division or demolition of al-Aqsa mosque means, God willing, the demolition of the state of Israel," Bitawi said.

Israel sharply denounced Bitawi's remarks. "This is the most irresponsible thing anyone can say, not only because it's a lie from the beginning to the end, but because it can make Muslims believe that there is such an intention," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's senior aide, David Bar-Illan, told Reuters.

"There can be nothing further from the truth," he said. Amid heavy Israeli security nearly 300,000 Muslims flooded into al-Aqsa mosque complex in the heart of Jerusalem's walled Old City for prayers on the first Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Bitawi, who in 1992 was deported by Israel to Lebanon, along with 400 Palestinian Islamic fundamentalists, blasted Israeli-PLO "so-called peace initiatives."

Thousands of Israeli police were deployed in the Old City and in other parts of Arab East Jerusalem, to deter any potential provocation by Jewish extremists or Arab riots.

Israeli police last week accused Jewish extremist Avigdor Eskin of plotting to throw a pig's head into al-Aqsa mosque during Ramadan to provoke Arab-Jewish tensions.

Pigs are considered unclean by both Judaism and Islam. Al-Aqsa mosque and the adjoining gold-topped Dome of the Rock are on ground where Judaism's ancient sacred temple was razed by the Romans in the year 70 AD, just above the Western Wall, the holiest Jewish site.

Some messianic Jewish groups want to destroy the Muslim shrines and build a new Jewish temple on their ruins.

Israel's Haaretz newspaper reported this week that Israel's chief army rabbi urged blowing up the Dome of the Rock after its capture by Israeli troops in 1967.

Quoting former Gen. Uzi Narkiss, under whose command Israel captured the Temple Mount in 1967, from a May interview granted before his death, Haaretz said Narkiss rejected the late Rabbi Shlomo Goren's request that the mosque be razed.

Israel instead granted the Muslims religious autonomy over the mosque complex, called Haram ash-Sharif in Arabic.

But some Palestinians from the West Bank Friday complained the Jewish state was denying them access to Israeli-annexed East Jerusalem for Ramadan prayers.

Witnesses said some Palestinians threw stones at Israeli troops after being turned back from a checkpoint in the north of the city. Some determined worshippers took a detour over muddy hills to bypass Israeli soldiers.

Israel occupied East Jerusalem in 1967 and annexed it as its "eternal capital," a claim not recognized internationally. Palestinians want East Jerusalem as capital of a future state.

While Friday prayers passed quietly in Jerusalem, tensions erupted in the divided West Bank town of Hebron.

The Israeli army said two explosive devices were thrown at a Jewish settler enclave in the heart of the mainly Muslim city but they caused no injuries. The army said it arrested four Palestinians suspected of throwing the devices.

Palestinians and Jewish settlers later clashed and threw stones at each other. One Arab was slightly injured. The army arrested one Palestinian and one Jewish settler.

An interim Israeli-PLO peace accord divided Hebron, home to 120,000 Arabs and 400 Jewish settlers, into Palestinian- and Israeli-ruled zones.



.............more timely evidence of the Temple Mount "compromise"......

Key statement:

"......The Bakshi-Doron letter continues a welcome and promising trend, that of Israeli religious leaders reaching out to both their counterparts and to political leaders in the Arab world...."

Jerusalem Post
Wednesday, December 31, 1997 2 Tevet 5758


EDITORIAL: Religious bridges to peace


The first three paragraphs of this article concern the individual and his action that had he carried out his plan, would have been the match that set the Mideast ablaze.

(December 31) - Police last week arrested right-wing extremist Avigdor Eskin, infamous for numerous publicity stunts such as placing a curse on Yitzhak Rabin before his assassination, for participating in an alleged plot to desecrate the Temple Mount with a pig's head. According to his lawyer, Eskin denied his involvement, claiming that he, too, thought that such a provocation would be a "stupid" idea.

Appropriately, Sephardi Chief Rabbi Eliahu Bakshi-Doron sent a letter Sunday to Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat strongly condemning the alleged plot. The Bakshi-Doron letter continues a welcome and promising trend, that of Israeli religious leaders reaching out to both their counterparts and to political leaders in the Arab world. Other examples include an exchange of letters between Bakshi-Doron and Sheikh Tantawi of al-Azhar University in Cairo, and Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Israel Lau's recent visit to Egypt as a guest of President Hosni Mubarak.

The mission of the rabbis is as straightforward as it is urgent: to enlist Moslem clerics in condemning the taking of innocent life in the strongest terms. After meeting with Rabbi Lau, Sheikh Tantawi did make such a statement, saying that all people of status within Islam condemn terrorism, and that "Islamic sharia [law] opposes any harm to innocents." Aside from such a positive statement, there may be a long way to ridding the region of the scourge of terrorism, whether it be suicide bombings within Israel or the recent massacre of tourists in Egypt. Even the most authoritative defense of the true values of Islam or Judaism cannot prevent extremists on either side for distorting religion for their political purposes, as did the assassin of Yitzhak Rabin.

Still, it is critical that such statements be made and repeated as loudly, widely, and at as many levels as possible - not just for the sake of peace and security, but to defend religion itself. Religious leaders are normally thought of as standing in the breach against the depredations of secularism, but those who kill innocents in the name of God are at least as great a threat to religion's bid for popular allegiance in a modern world. In fact, it is the commonalities between Islamic and Jewish leaders that hold the potential for producing a productive dialogue. Both are threatened by secularism and by fanaticism. And both may be uniquely positioned to moderate the other.

In Israel, the religious-nationalist opposition to the peace process is not just fueled by doctrinal allegiance to the land, but by the same security concerns that are shared by all Israelis. Most Israelis believe that Islam does not recognize any foreign sovereignty, and that "peace" is synonymous with the extension of Islamic law. But within Islam, there is also the concept of "hudna," which provides for coexistence with foreign powers which cannot be conquered. In other words, Islam, like Judaism, has ways of accommodating to realities that are less than ideal from its perspective. Understandably, many Israelis might regard a status of conditional tolerance as less than acceptable. Regardless of theology, however, any peace with the Arab world will have to be built upon a foundation of military deterrence.

On the other hand, the dialogue with religious leaders could also have a moderating impact by dispelling myths about Judaism and Israel. Though practically all Israelis are horrified and disgusted by the idea of desecrating a mosque as deliberate provocation, we cannot assume that the Moslem world understands this. At the Islamic conference in Teheran, Arafat himself was not above making the ridiculous charge that Israel was plotting to dismantle the Islamic holy places on the Temple Mount. Such religious incitement must be condemned and combated by both political and religious leaders.

In addition to dispelling misunderstandings of Judaism, rabbis can find common ground with their Moslem counterparts over the challenges of secularism. Though part of the Islamic religious opposition to the peace process is theological, part is an identification of peace with the spread of Western secular culture. In a situation in which Islamic religious movements fear being left out of deals between secular governments, Jewish religious leaders could be the most effective emissaries in convincing them that their role will be enhanced later if they are part of the process now. The government should encourage the trend towards inter-religious diplomacy by signaling that it will treat with seriousness any agreement that results.


This editorial makes it perfectly clear that the very soul of each of their religions is being threatened with extinction right now. They both have the law against the killing of innocents, and must now use it to regain the sanity of living under law rather than the insanity of living under terrorism. They must commit to serious self policing using their military's as a deterrent to terrorism.

By doing this, they make true the words above that they serve the same God and that each is entitled to their own place for worship. The compromise to share the Temple Mount seems to be accomplished!