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Monarch inspects renovations of Royal Palace donated to orphans,
officially opens 'Dar
Al Bir'

By Nadia Mukhlis

CHN EDITORS NOTE: How will the world be able to resist him...especially the world of today, that looks to worship an "Icon" amongst us. Usually the "worshippers" have to wait until the icon's death.....[i.e. Dianna, JFK}, in the case of the King, he will be living and ruling amongst them !

Remember, this is all just adding to his portfolio. He isn't recognized by anyone yet for the "stunt" he is about to pull...i.e. the "peace treaty". When his time comes to be accredited for his "courageous brokerage" of the peace...then these past "act's of humility" will flame up in everyone's heart and reveal what a "magnificent" person he truly is... Now, it's all just cannon fodder, but the "blast" of the cannon is coming.........

Remember, the spiritual laws apply to everyone........whether they know it or not....i.e. If you exalt yourself you'll be humbled, if you humble yourself you'll be exalted......and is he about to be "exalted"!


AMMAN - Nine months after His Majesty King Hussein's visit to Al Hussein Welfare Institution and the revelation of the substandard situation in which the orphans were living, the renovations of Al Hashemiyeh Palace were completed and it was officially opened Wednesday by King Hussein in a celebration that included all the children in the orphanage.

Their Majesties King Hussein and Queen Noor attended the ceremony, as well as members of the Royal family and representatives of charitable associations and donors from the private sector.

The King inspected the renovations of the new orphanage, which is now named Dar Al Bir, met the children and their nannies, and attended a ceremony in which HRH Princess Zein, the patron of the orphanage, delivered a speech.

She said the opening ceremony was another event marking the King's birthday and pledged to continue her work and ensure the best opportunities for all the children.

She expressed gratitude to King Hussein for his humane gesture and said "I hope that God will give me the strength to be the best father, mother, and friend to these children as you were to me.'' Nadia Zaza, the director of the orphanage, and two senior doctors who had supervised treatment of the children in the past months also thanked the King.

Eliana Swies, one of the doctors, described the King's gesture as "a fairy tale of a king who gives his home to the needy children of the land, only this one is for real."

Several of the children performed dances and sang for the audience. At the end of the ceremony, the happy cries and applause of the children could be heard in response to a magnificent and colourful fireworks display.

The King, upon inspecting the previous facilities in February, was saddened by the state of orphaned children in the country and the lack of care they suffered.

After the King's visit, the institution was put under the supervision of the Royal court and witnessed drastic changes, according to Rania Khasawneh, the director of the institute.

In a letter addressed to former prime minister Abdul Karim Kabariti, the King ordered that Al Hashemiyeh Palace be "turned into a home for the innocent children, who should be able to move there as soon as possible."

Dar Al Bir, which is home for 210 children, has several new faculties to make the children's lives easier and safer, including a fully-equipped medical clinic operated by private specialists and a private ambulance, Ms. Zaza explained.

Future programmes for the children will include a sector for gifted children to expand their talents, passports and identification for all the children, and the chance to obtain college degrees, Ms. Zaza said.

The institution is operated by 65 staff members, including nannies, inspectors, cooks, nutritionists, and administrators, she added.

The new institution now provides the children with a real home and a sense of family that was previously absent, Ms Khasawneh said.