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Voice in the Wilderness Ministries

The book of Daniel details End Time events. However, God sealed the book until the actual time of the end. Now, just as God promised, the book has been unsealed and knowledge concerning these End Time events has increased.

This study follows a single thread, tracing the people and places in Danielís prophecy from Biblical times to the present. Paralleling Daniels words with recorded history renders the prophetic territories and peoples identifiable on todayís historical stage. Although written specifically for the Jews and Jerusalem, the book of Daniel electrifies informed Christians. Current events steadily align with Danielís Prophecy, setting the stage and moving the players into position. As Christians see the drama ready to unfold, anticipation mounts to a crescendo, for, before the curtain rises, the Rapture of the Church must occur!

Brother Sal of CHN-Voice in the Wilderness MinistriesEschatologist and International teacher, Salvatore Smario brings his classroom to you in this fascinating and informative Bible Study. See how scripture pinpoints todayís Church on the Biblical time line. Learn where we are in Danielís prophecy, and where and what to look for on the world scene today. Study the absolute proof that, indeed, redemption draweth nigh!

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