A word about
before you get started.

This study was designed to be a self study.
It is best to proceed with the study
in the order of it's layout
on the Main Menu.

The study screen is divided into 4 windows.  
Each window has it's own scroll bar.

  • This left screen displays the study text.  Use the scroll bar or the down arrow key to move down the screen. Any screen with narration has a Real Audio icon in the upper left corner. Click the icon to listen to the narration*. Your speakers must be turned on.  You can also follow the narration along in the text.


  • The top right window displays the Menu. Clicking on the menu icon will take you back to the main menu where you select the study you wish to enter.  Scroll down the menu to select individual study parts.


  • Links within the study lead to miniature maps in the Map Room window.  Clicking on any map in this window will enlarge it .  Each enlarged map has an accompanying narration. Click the Real Audio icon to listen*.  You can also scroll through the Map Room to review any map at any time.


  • The bottom right window holds the King James version of the Holy Bible. Each book opens in it's own window when you click on it's name. 


  • We recommend that you install the Theophilos program found in the help section.  It's window opens over the teaching and gives you immediate access to the Bible, a Bible dictionary and Bible commentaries. This could be of great value in your study.

Click the Audio Test Button.  If Real Audio is installed you will hear the test music.  If you do not hear the test music, then please install Real Audio. 

*To download  Real Audio  CLICK HERE