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How do I start the Teaching

  • Insert your CD the start menu should come up automatically. 

    • Tip:  Set your browser to full screen mode.




    How do I install the Teaching

  • Installation is not necessary.  This is a fully self contained CD.  If you would like to run the Teaching from your hard drive just copy the folder "CHN 2.1" to your desktop or any folder on your hard drive.  From the opening window you can "add a favorite" (For NetScape users bookmark the opening screen).  Then you can start the Teaching from the Windows Favorite Menu or from the NetScape Bookmark Menu




My screen does not display the full scroll bar

On with some browsers you will have better results if you click the resize button at the top right corner of the opening window.  This will set up the Teaching for your screen size and your task bar setting.




Map Room maps do not open in there own window

The Teaching runs in Java windows so your browser must be Java enabled.  This teaching was designed to run on Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.  We suggest you download and install one of these browsers




The Holy Bible in a reference window

The bottom right of your teaching screen contains the King James Version of the Holly Bible.  Each book is available as a reference window.  Just click on the book of your choice and it pops up in its own reference window.  Clicking any ware in the teaching will place your Bible reference window in the background.  To access your reference window again locate its icon on the task bar and click it once.




Why do I need to upgrade my browser

This teaching was designed to run on Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.  We suggest you download and install Internet Explorer.




Which browser should I use

Your choice of browsers is largely a personal choice. This Teaching should display properly on NetScape 6.0 but it was designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer and setup to use a screen area of 800x600 pixels.




Sound does not play

Install the Real Player Audio Plug-In  When you click on the Real Player Icon
make sure you follow the default prompts.


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