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Once you understand it, the tie between the beast in Daniel 10 and Revelation 13 and 17 points directly at the identity of the spiritual force behind the 'little horn' character that turns a heretofore benevolent ruler into a mighty force the world will have to reckon with. 

You will never understand the connection if you don't believe in spiritual forces [demons]. 

You can't say you believe in the Bible, and then say you don't believe in demons. This is not going to be a lesson in demonology, you'll have to discover their reality from the Bible yourself, or wait until I do an article on the subject. For the purpose of this little adventure of discovery, you'll just have to take scriptures word on it, and go for the gestalt of the picture that's painted.

The one thing about demons you do need to know is that there is a place that they are kept when they are defeated. [We're talking about spirits here, they don't die, they get bound]. The place is referred to as The Abyss, The Pit, The Bottomless Pit, but the word that is being translated is ABYSS. The 'legions' [of demons] that possessed the demoniac that Jesus encountered were worried that He was sending them to the Abyss before their time. Revelations says Satan will be bound there for a thousand years, and calls for the 'locust demons' and The Prince of Grecia to come out of there.

Prince Grecia is the central focus of our story. The angelic citizens of Heaven who have fallen have some kind of pecking order, as there are Princes, Chief Princes, and demons. A Chief Prince, some Princes, and a mess of demons are in charge of this world. They rule! And, they rule through us, the citizens of earth.

In Daniel we learn that at one time, Prince Grecia, an angelic prince from among the ranks of the fallen, was ruler over the earthly Greek Prince, Alexander, whose military exploits in early B.C., gained him the historic title, 'Alexander The Great'. 

Those military exploits play an important role in this story, because Daniel tells us that when Alexander comes into the scene in history, he easily uproots and replaces a formerly unbeatable Medo-Persian Empire, also that he would die at the height of his power, his kingdom would split into four parts, and the rulers of those parts would not be his prodigy, nor rule in HIS POWER. So, the divided kingdom would no longer be ruled by Prince Grecia [defeated spirits go to the ABYSS]. This was all depicted in the prophecy as a Goat and a Ram, and then clearly interpreted by the angel.

Daniel had already seen this kingdom twice before. Once as the 'sides and belly of brass', of king Nebuchadnezzar's' dream, then again as the leopard in his own dream, and now the meaning becomes clear when he sees it for the third time, up close, with the Goat and the Ram and their explanation.

The angel bringing this message to Daniel told him a story about his delayed arrival that exposes the 'angel hierarchy'. He tells Daniel that he had heard his prayer three weeks earlier, but his arrival was delayed because of a battle he had to fight with the Prince of Persia. Daniel was in the court of the earthly Prince of Persia and the fight wasn't with him. It was the spiritual head of the Empire, the fallen Prince, Persia. The angel told Daniel that he enlisted the help of Prince Michael, the Chief of Heavenly Princes, someone who owed him a favor, to fight a sort of holding action, while he delivered his message. Then he said, when he returns to the battle, the Prince of Persia would be no more [off to the ABYSS], but, lo, the Prince of Grecia comes.

That explains why Medo-Persia fell so easily to Alexander. The former spiritual head of the kingdom had been defeated in a battle with Michael and Gabriel, leaving the territory vulnerable to the invasion by another spiritual head. And when Alexander comes on the scene so does the Prince of Grecia! When The Great Alex dies, the spiritual head, Prince Grecia, [does not pass go, does not collect $200], he goes directly to the ABYSS, wounded, as was slain to death, locked up with his pal, Prince Persia, the 'locust demons', and the rest of God knows what.

In Revelations, John sees the same seven headed, ten horned beast that Daniel had seen. Here the beasts [kingdoms], are described as the animals depicted in Daniels' vision. The beast, looked like a leopard [it's leader had the swiftness and DEMON POWER of Prince Grecia], had feet like a bear [his kingdom is in the territory of the Medes], had the mouth of a lion [his capital is in Babylon], and the dragon [he's on Satan's payroll] gave him his seat and great authority.

These are the characteristics, in broad brush, of the demon behind Antichrist and his Kingdom. 

John narrows his focus to one of the seven heads. He looks at the head that was wounded, as to death, and saw it's 'deadly wound' was healed. When Daniel saw this same head, in his vision, it was described as; the beast that 'was, is not, and shall come again'.

Bound in the ABYSS to a spirit being is the same as death to us. Once there, there's no getting out, they're the same as dead! Getting out of the ABYSS and regaining your former stature would constitute the healing of a deadly wound. This is the spirit we are talking about in this passage, so the spirit head was wounded, as to death, and later, he regains his spiritual leadership role, thereby healing his mortal wounds. And then, after he's back in charge, he gets a mouth! A person to speak his words. 

That's the day [and it is one of God's set times] when benevolence dissolves into GOG. And, he's back in Magog, his old headquarters.

This is explained by the angel in Revelations 17. The angel told him the beast [the wounded head spirit] that you're looking at, was [before Johns' time], is not [during Johns' time], and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit [the ABYSS], and go into perdition [evil deeds], and become the eighth in a line of a succession of kings that started with ancient Egypt and flowed through Babylon. They were Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Grecia, Rome, end time (seventh kingdom) and Antichrists, the eighth.

He, the wounded head spirit, is the eighth head, but he came out of the seventh kingdom. The seventh kingdom is the end time, physical kingdom, lead by the seventh physical king.

The seventh king, comes out of ten kings from that region, acts as the peacemaker, is given back his ancestral throne [the 'little horn', seventh kingdom], whose capital is Baghdad, and whose kingdom is within the area of the Seleucid portion of the Old Grecian Empire, Prince Grecia's old domain.

The spiritual leader of that kingdom, Prince Grecia, possesses the seventh king, and becomes the eighth ruler in succession. The former Prince of the Empire, Prince Grecia, got his old job back. Then, the world begins the last half of the 'Great Tribulation the Great'! May God have mercy on it.

Overview Of Today's Stage

The final Empire that spreads over the area covered by the old Grecian Empire, is The Muslim Empire. The other side of the regions spiritual coin. The Kingdom within the Muslim Empire, that is within the area of the Seleucid portion of the old Grecian Empire, with Baghdad as its capital, is The Hashemite Kingdom. [Baghdad is right in the heart of Babylon, Magog]

Because the Arab nations and the Jewish nation came from the same father, the basic problem is, who gets the birthright, and considering the spiritual nature of the entire story, it seems to be the identical warfare between the spirits continuing to play out on earth as it has for centuries. This coming encounter would be just another case of 'again', except, God said, that this time, will be the last time! Because this time it's against His people.

In preparation for this final encounter, according to scripture, it's time for God to fulfill His word to the Church [The RAPTURE], and after that, return His attention back to His Chosen People, and complete the covenant He made with them.

The demon spirits that we know of, Prince Persia and Prince Grecia, occupied that very land, and wound up in the Abyss. Now, when Grecia is released, his assignment is to go right back home and secure the kingdom for Satan. He possesses whom ever is ruling his kingdom at the time. 

That Empire, whose capital is Babylon, Satan's seat, is the Moslem Empire. It's son, the kingdom of Allah's Prophet, Muhammad, is the Hashemite Kingdom, whose capital, Baghdad, is centered right in the middle of the action on today's stage. And, the Hashemite King, whose Kingdom was stolen from him, by none other than Egypt and Syria, is the key player in the regions peace process, and is being hailed as the Peacemaker, by his friends and enemies alike!

I would anticipate that as part of the peace settlement agreement, he makes a deal that includes the return of Iraq to Hashemite rule. The uprooted there would be replanted with it's rightful heir. [If that happens, Syria better start running because that's his territory, and he does get it back, and the story says Egypt, who challenges the Hashemite Ruler, is defeated.]

Remember, he is the religious royalty, he is guaranteed his continuance, by treaty, of his hereditary role, of being in charge of the holy shrines of the Muslims. Remember also, that the Jews get to rebuild their temple, and resume animal sacrifice as a result of the peace. At present, he has the say about that. The story says that the outer court is for the gentiles, and the Dome is in the outer court.

Jordan just got another one hundred million dollars, in weapons, from the U.S., with another two hundred million dollars worth on the way. What the heck is he going to do with all those weapons, they're at the peace table! How much more would he need if he were at the war table? It's not a very long leap to say that maybe he's showing just how resolved the interests of his friends are about a favorable decision to trade Iraq for the temple. The West is involved for sure, but in the capacity of finance, military aid and strategy, but it is him that they are sponsoring, to their best interest for sure, and when the double cross happens, it happens to them also. The guy in the story is a master of deceit, and the god he worships is the god of munitions. How interesting.

The Hashemite King is religious royalty, the heir to the throne of Muhammad, prophet of Allah, he's the rightful owner of the Hashemite Kingdom, keeper of the keys to the holy shrines of Allah. His present Kingdom, Jordan, isn't worth a pittance as compared to Iraq, and it really belongs to the Palestinians. That would be a righteous trade, make peace by giving up a little self rule on part of your dessert Kingdom to it's rightful owners, for the milk and honey of Iraq. Artaxerxes, the king of the Medes, did it for the Jews, during Nehemiah's time, and Satan always has his caricature.

The whole drama fits Daniels' end time prophecy to a tee.

Because the warfare is between the spirits, as reported to Daniel, when Prince Grecia gets paroled from the ABYSS, he will make a play to regain his former territory, because the earthly king is about to get it back, and then, from there, he will unleash Satan's own version of Armageddon on God's people, the Jews.

That's Satan's Seat. He's owned it through all the Empires and Kingdoms, and in the time of the 'little horn's' kingdom, [the seventh kingdom, in the end time, our time], half way through it's time, [set by God, from it's start], it becomes the eighth kingdom. Because now, as the seventh kingdom, it is on the scene again and Prince Grecia occupies it again, just as Satan always has. And the earthly mouth that is given to him, he gets through the earthly ruler of the kingdom at the time, and that kingdom is the Hashemite Kingdom, a kingdom wounded as to death, restored back to life! - Lo, Prince Hashemite comes!

If our time is the preached 'END TIMES', this is the reason it is. Otherwise, show me what else is occurring on the stage of history today that even closely resembles Daniels' end time prophecies that would give the religious leaders of the world a reason to preach that these are the end times of the Bible.

Daniels prophecy was about the end time of his people the Jews and their holy city Jerusalem. If you're looking for end times, you have to look there, not in the EC. Daniel was told to seal up the prophecy until it's time. If you find Daniels drama playing out on the world's stage, then it is it's time!

Therefore, it is the end time!

Get ready, your redemption is getting close, a lot closer than you think!

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