By Sal Smario

"About the Times of the End, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation, in the midst of much clamor and opposition." Sir Isaac Newton

This Ministry is the foundation of that body of men of whom Sir Isaac Newton spoke. We can make this statement because that is what our Ministry is all about. 

We contend that if the story line in Daniel is read literally the drama described therein can be found on today's stage of history.

To demonstrate the truth of that, the nations of Ezekiel 38 must also be taken literally. When that is the case, you find that Magog, the place where Antichrist comes from, is right in the heart of the territory that Satan has always controlled. 

That territory has come down through history in the hands of many nations; Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Grecia, Rome, Muslim and Hashemite. Those are the Empires and Kingdoms that have occupied the land of the Bible.

Daniels' prophecy concerns the final days of the Jews, and their holy city Jerusalem. The story is very complete, as it starts you out by developing the land area on which the drama is going to play out, along with the information of who the spiritual influences are that are over those lands. He brings us to the end time days, and describes a new kingdom growing up in that very same land, with the very same capital, and the king that sits upon the throne in that kingdom becomes possessed by one of those spiritual influences.

Revelations 13 and 17 directs you at who the spiritual leader is. [Read the Beast behind Antichrist]

But the point of this story is to demonstrate that by taking the territory of Magog, for where it has always been, and right where it still is today, and leave it there, then Daniels' whole story is as clear as a bell, just as God said it would be in it's time. The circumstances evolving in the lands of the Bible on today's stage of history are playing out Daniels' story to the letter.

The following is taken from the work of Carl Ludwigson:

Ezekiel's Gog / Antichrist is the enemy from the north. In the Old Testament, the king of the north has reference to the areas of Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. The word north is used of Syria or the Old Seleucid Empire six times, of Babylon sixteen times, of Assyria one time, and of Iran one time. These are the lands once occupied by Magog, Gomer, Togarmah, Meshech and Tubal.

Meshech, Tubal, Togarmah, Dedan and Syria traded with Tyre six centuries before Christ [Ezek.27:13-16]. These lands clearly define the north. The fact that some scholars equate the names of ancient Middle East cities with modern English cognates is appalling. Meshech is NOT Moscow; Moscow just had its 850th birthday.

Some have interpreted the Hebrew word 'rosh' in Ezekiel 38:3, which is translated 'chief', to be a reference to Russia. In the Massoretic text the words 'chief prince' carry the accents Tiphha and Zaqeph-gadol.

The Tiphha appears under the resh of the Hebrew word 'rosh'; the Zaqeph-gadol appears on top of the sin of the Hebrew word 'nish'.

The Tiphha to the right, underneath the initial consonant of the word 'rosh', or chief, is prepositive and does not mark the tone syllable. See Kautsch and Cowley's *Grammar*, page 61 item 9.

The word 'nish' or prince has the accent Zaqeph-gadol which is disjunctive and indicates a pause. See Kautsch and Cowley's *Grammar*, page 60 item 4b.

So Ezekiel 38:3 should be read as follows: "Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the prince, {pause} chief of Meshech and Tubal:" Rosh is not Russia.

The Hebrew word 'rosh' is translated head or chief 423 times in the Old Testament. Again, it is absolutely appalling how some scholars can equate the English cognate 'rosh' with Russia. Rosh is not Russia.

Thank you Carl Ludwigson for that lesson.

All atlases of the Bible printed before the 1940's [and the Russian scare] show the land of Magog to be in the Northern part of modern day Iraq, just north of Baghdad.

Meshech and Tubal are in the area that today is Turkey and portions of northern Syria as well as northern Iraq.

It is clear that the leader, Gog / Antichrist, will be from Iraq and that he will become the chief prince of that portion of Turkey and the northern part of Syria along with Iraq, which is a good part of the Old Hashemite Kingdom.

The Hashemite Kingdom is the Kingdom of Muhammad, the prophet of Allah, the other side of the regions spiritual coin. The direct descendent of Muhammad, and the present ruling king of a pseudo Hashemite Kingdom, has vowed to regain his ancestral land, since it was stolen from him in a military junta in 1958.

His present puny little kingdom was a gift from the British to his Grandfather in payment for the aid given to Lawrence of Arabia in 1916. At the time, the land was called TransJordan and belonged to the Palestinians.

The Kingdoms whole story is told in our feature article "The Hashemite Kingdom", and the story of the Muslim Empire is a feature article by the same name. Read them, and fill in the blanks from this story.

The present Hashemite King fits Daniels' 'little horn' character to a tee. As a king he is insignificant, his kingdom is poor, under constant threat from his neighbors, pushed around by everyone, and dependent on everyone. On the other hand, his religious royalty position entitles him to great respect. He is considered an honorable man, one who can be trusted. He holds the keys to the temple mount in Jerusalem by treaty, and has recently exercised the power that it brings, when he confronted the PLO leader, who had to be reminded of who was in charge.

His rise to being hailed by friends and foe alike as 'The Peacemaker' in the region is largely due to two things. First his religious royalty status, and second, his powerful western friends. The West is behind him with whatever it takes to get a peace settlement in that part of the world, and bring security to Israel and stability to the oil.

The terms of the peace agreement must allow for the rebuilding of the temple, on temple mount, in Jerusalem. Also, the peace and security for Israel. He is working overtime in bringing this about.

The people of Israel in the meantime state, that anyone who does these two things, brings peace and security, and rebuilds the temple, will be hailed as their Messiah, no matter if he is Jew or Gentile.

This is what blinds the Jews into accepting a false deliverer.

Gog, from Magog will become Gog when the false deliverer has risen to his power position, and as Daniel puts it, he becomes the eighth ruler out of the seventh kingdom in the succession of kingdoms who had authority over the Jews, and flowed through Babylon. The kingdoms were; Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Grecia, Rome, Hashemite [the seventh, modern day kingdom] and out of it, the eighth ruler ascends the throne, but as the possessor of the little horn, seventh king, who is the Hashemite King.

The peacemaker is already on the scene, and he's making peace, but getting ready for war. His pals the US just sent him $100 million worth of arms, with another $200 million on the way. I find it strange that he needs all those weapons in the midst of peace, but don't forget, there is a little uprooting that has to be done, to save the peace, once it's signed, and announced.

When the Muslim people find out that they are going to build a temple on temple mount, there will be opposition to say the least, and the opposition will be stopped with those weapons, and the rest of the weapons of the leaders of the world who want peace, and they will come running just as fast as they did when Bush called to stop Saddam from getting control of the oil.

In his peacemaking efforts, the king just saved the process, by showing up at Arafat's camp in the middle of the night, and spent seven hours convincing him to move forward on the Hebron agreement.

I really would have liked to have been a fly on the ceiling in that room during those conversations. I could speculate, but no need. The events are happening very fast now.

I think they will have this well on the way to peace within the next couple of years. But remember, the Christians will not see the peace, only the events leading up to it.

Keep your eye on the peacemaker. Look for him to do other significant things that bring them closer to peace, because the closer the peace, the closer the catching away.

All of the things I have pointed out are happening on today's stage of history. When you don't look to Russia to find the territory of Magog, the events of present history come into focus and point out just who the characters in the drama are and how they fit into Daniels Prophecy. And, it all fits perfectly, without trying to force any part of the actual history of it into the prophecy, or visa versa.

Therefore, as Sir Isaac Newton wrote, we must insist on the literal interpretation of the prophecies, because any other way of looking at them causes one to miss the reality of whets happening.

I think we have demonstrated that Magog is not Russia, and that since it is Magog, it is right in the center of today's stage, and will become the seventh kingdom in the succession of kingdoms flowing through Babylon, and when the evil spirit possesses the King of that seventh kingdom, Antichrist will be on the scene, and the second half of the Great Tribulation, the Great, will be underway.

Come oh Lord, and come soon. 

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