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 It was almost twenty years ago when I heard the teaching on Daniel 2 for the first time, and . .BAM! . . that was it! I was hooked on eschatology. The interesting part is, my background comes out of Catholicism, where, in my day, the Bible wasn't read. I had no idea about the prophets, and that there were experts on the subject, I was just plain naive. I always had a love for Jesus since my childhood, but the extent of my knowledge about God was from the Roman Catholic point of view. I went through the Catholic school system including college, where I was taught by the Jesuits, who believe in a whole other matter. 

I have always been a free thinker, and so I sought my Bible knowledge from a variety of teachers with varying and diverse lines of thought. Other than the love of Jesus, and acceptance of Him as our Savior, I can't really find a whole lot that the rest of the Christian world agrees on. Personally, I don't think it really matters as long as Jesus is kept as the focus we can't go wrong. And, I've always said that opinions are like big toes, everybody's got a couple of them, but there aren't any two of them alike. 

When it comes to studying the end times, little on earth can compare. Well, at least for me. And one of the things that will go on being argued, till Jesus comes for us, is the so called "restored Roman Empire". 

I've had many a good go around, with some pretty learned people, on that topic. The most popular, or traditional positions that allows for the Europeans to become involved in Daniels' prophecy, to the extent that the popular prophecy preachers of the day are looking for the rise of Antichrist out of the European Community, has no scriptural, or even logical basis.

So, that's the subject that I am going to tackle here. I know articles like this are unfair, because it's all one sided. I can feel it when I get to a part I know is going to get a . . yes, but . ., and I know you can't say a word. I have the floor as long as you keep reading. But I do want to hear from you. Our whole CHN concept is for just this kind of thing. The web is interactive, so interact.

A little background first, as the most profound of my teachers used to say, long text, short message.

God had Himself quite a little plan when He decided to put this world together. And because He is God, all contingencies were covered. On the glorious day He decided to start His work, it had all been planned out to the smallest detail. He already knew the consequence of the fall of man, as well as the process of his redemption. When He unleashed His power on that first morning, He set into motion a series of carefully orchestrated events scheduled to take seven thousand years to complete.

But, before He even started, He had already accounted for details like that angel who is tied by the River Euphrates, waiting to be loosed at a specific hour, on a certain day, during the Great Tribulation. He already took into account the need to set the times of the events that pointed to mans redemption. He was already prepared to give man guidance and leadership, and, I think most important He gave His word on it. 

His word is clear, not confusing. History clearly demonstrates that when man turns his way of life with his god, into religion, the clarity begins to muddy, and before long, he gets disoriented and looses his direction altogether. Led there by the elite, who God declared a WOE on. That's a picture of God's chosen people, and Daniel was chosen to be shown the end of their story up close. Daniel gets the story starting in the time of Nebuchadnezzar, but the deception of the false deliverer [Antichrist] starts way back in the time of Nimrod. To understand why Antichrist doesn't come from Europe, you have to look at the entire tapestry, but from far enough back as to see it all.

Tamuz, the son of Queen Semiramis, who got in a family way after her husband Nimrod died, told the story that she was conceived by the rays of the sun [she said that Nimrod had turned into the sun] and that Tamuz, was the son of the sun god, the rebirth of Nimrod. He was born on December 25th. He was killed, in a hunting accident when he was about 25, and his mother mourned him for forty days. [That's where the Catholics get lent, through the mystery religions out of Pergamus.] After his death, his mother spread the word that he had risen and gone back to the sun The story of the deception of man started in the garden for sure, but for Gods chosen the shadow for Antichrist was cast with the birth of Tamuz. And that happened in the Euphrates River Valley. The Antichrist will come from the same place, the story says he does, and guess what, he does!

The Kingdom of Babylon became the mightiest in the world. In the time of Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel was a captured Jewish slave, who was raised to the highest position in the Kings court, because he was able to define, and interpret a disturbing dream of the King. That dream, and Daniels' other prophecies are the most engrossing pieces of future history reporting, with an accuracy so exact that some try to say it was written as history rather than prophecy. That it was an pseudogram, not written by Daniel at all. Which has proven to be false.

The kings dream of the 'Great Image' revealed four kingdoms flowing out of Babylon. The clue here is that they came out of Babylon, out of Nimrod's Mesopotamian area, and then one conqueror after another enlarged and controlled the area that is now known as the Mideast. Babylon always became their capitol.

And, in God's perfection, each of the empires leaves us with further knowledge, and greater understanding of the territory of the deception, the territory of rectification, the territory of re-deception and finally the territory of Armageddon! And at the end of the day, they are all the same place.

Now, as we move through history, during this time, known as the 'Age of the Church', we look over at the same territory, and see Daniels' story of the last days of his people and his holy city walking around on the stage of history, playing out with a few different boundaries, and a few different names, but they are still fighting over that same piece of ground, and sticking to the script like it was secured there by expensive wall paper paste.

Hey!, we're right up to modern times, when are all these Europeans going to start getting into the story. Oh yeah, the fourth beast. The non descript with the great iron teeth, and the big feet. I knew we had to get around to him.

Daniel perfectly describes the Roman Empire, as the hips give way to two iron legs, depicting Rome as the empire was split under Constantine. He stretched the empire east, around the Black Sea, The Bosporus region, along the Caucuses to the Caspian Sea, and back around, cutting across territory that is now Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Arabia, Egypt and Libya. My, my, it seems that we are back in the same old place. By the time Constantine had spread the empire to this end of the earth, Rome to the west wasn't in control of the east. It's the eastern leg of the Roman Empire that plays the key role in the understanding of Daniels' story.

The Persian era shows us the shadow cast for the return to Israel. It was during this time that the decree was given to the Jews to go back to Jerusalem, and rebuild the temple, the city and the wall, as they were permitted a theocracy within the Persian Kingdom. One of these decrees, the one to rebuild the city, is the 'set time' that started the clock of Daniels seventy weeks.

On today's stage the Jews have already returned [1948], and soon, they will again rebuild their temple because of a 'benevolent ruler'. How about that? Here's another, the Hashemite King, by way of heredity and treaty, is in charge of the Muslim holy sites. What do you make of that? Just one more; scripture says that the outer court is for the gentiles. There's plenty of room on temple mount to rebuild the holy of holy's and the alter of sacrifice, without disturbing the Muslim holy places, and the Jews are completely ready to restart their practice of animal sacrifice for the atonement of their sins.

The Greeks, they brought their everlasting language and culture along with the knowledge of Antichrists spirit, [read The Spirit Behind Antichrist in this edition] and the four kingdoms coming out of it, whose relationships, in some cases are still in tact. General Seleucus got the territory central to this story. It's known as the Seleucid portion of the Grecian Empire, and it runs right across the middle of our little neighborhood, and contained within it's borders is the Hashemite Kingdom.

From Babylon, we get the Capital. The center has always been there. It never really moved, as we will see. 

The future end time, seventh, kingdom of the 'little horn' is born out of a loose confederacy of some weak and some strong kings from that region, coming together on a decision for peace. Because peace is cessation of againstness, the other alternative that was being decided upon was WAR. Kings dissenting to peace get up rooted.

Interesting choice of words, uprooted. To me it means that you remove it permanently. Putting something else back in its place. It's a short lived kingdom, but the king doesn't know that. He's planning long range. The king gains the kingdom by flattery, and shares the spoils with the people. (That sounds more Moslem as opposed to Western or European)

The only kingdom in the middle east today, which has Baghdad as its' capital, is the Hashemite Kingdom. Although presently under the tyrannical rule of Saddam Hussein, it is the stolen property of the current ruling Hashemite King of Jordan, who vowed, at the time it was stolen, to return it to Hashemite rule.

The 'little horn' [referring now, to the personage after having risen to Antichrist, because the demon is back] comes from Magog (Iraq), his kingdom is in the territory of the bear [Medo-Persia], he moves with the swiftness of a leopard and rules in his power [Grecia], he speaks with the voice of the dragon [Satan, demon possessed], and his capitol is Baghdad. Well, maybe he's an Italian temporarily living there, or maybe, HE IS WHO IT SAYS HE IS!

The 'little horn' is described as 'little', because of his apparent minority status, not because of his personal stature. In fact, he is a king, and he would be an educated, highly principled, patient, reasonable man, in order for him to have bestowed upon him a crown of authority for the job he apparently does with the peace, and restoration of the temple, and causing, or aiding in the uprooting of those determined that peace should not happen.

His motivation would always be in his heart, and since he wins his throne by flattery, rather than truth, his heart must be deceitful. 

His rise from 'little' status to full grown trust and respect status happens as fast as Alexander took the Medes. It must be an opportunity that comes about unexpectedly, that makes him move fast, and decisive. The move he makes apparently brings about the long sought after peace. The foes are defeated, and peace reigns supreme in the land of Nod.

But it's all a show. He was acting on his deceitful heart, no matter what it looked like, and when the time is right, he makes his Gog move, uses his trusty position and gains control of the oil, and being that his god is a god of munitions, he has plenty stored up. The old double double cross is about to happen, and the Jews don't see it coming because they have been lulled to sleep by his flattery. Bye, bye.


In the early 600's, our territory map got consumed by the Muslim Empire. The Hashemite Kingdom was the Kingdom of Muhammad, the prophet of Allah. The kingdom was named for Hashim, Muhammad's' grandfather. Its borders closely resemble the borders of the Seleucid portion of the Grecian Empire. Again, right across the middle of Gods playground. The present Hashemite ruler lost his kingdom, and a favorite part of his family, to a bunch of thugs from Egypt and Syria. They've tried to kill him a couple of times. His Hashemite Kingdom is now down to Iraq, and the little piece of dessert called Jordan that the British gave his Grandfather for helping Lawrence of Arabia win the day in 1916. Which, by the way, belonged to the Palestinians. After the military junta took out the royal family, they came after him. but were unsuccessful. The Brits, the American 6th Fleet, local loyalist, and his personal courage saved that day. Anyway, the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom is Baghdad. There we go again, right back in Babylon! You know what, I haven't seen an Italian, or a Frenchman anywhere in sight.

On today's' map, you can see where the old property lines cross the new ones, what the new names are and who the new kings are. Strangely enough, these are the same guys that are either ready to kill, or ready to make peace with Gods People, the Jews. You saw what old Saddam did, didn't you? He made a play for the oil and all that goes with that. Really acting like an Antichrist, but he's no 'little horn', he's too mean. And, you saw how fast the world came running when it was the oil at stake. They got lucky this time, they saved it before it all burned up or drained away. They had to keep the Jews out of it for fear of escalation to the nuclear level.

And, all the while Daniels' little drama is screaming for a 'little horn' character to pop up, but not out of Europe, out of ten kings from that region. Only someone from there can have a solution to their problem, because their problem is land and its control. The deception will happen there, to the Jews, by one trusted by them, from long relationships, and religious ties.

So, don't look to Europe for a false deliverer for the Jews. He's already on stage, unanimously elected by the world's leaders, and hailed by the Israelis as The Peacemaker! [take this link, it verifies this story, which was first written years prior to the appearance of that headline and article.]

The Eastern Leg of the Old Roman Empire wins again!

Daniels prophecy was about the end time of his people the Jews and their holy city Jerusalem. If you're looking for end times, look there. He was told to seal up the prophecy until it's time. If you find Daniels drama going on there now, then it is end times.

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In Part II, we are going to look at Daniels' dream about all the animals. You'll like that. See you then. And, let me hear from you.

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