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By Sal Smario

"Oh what tangled webs we weave, when we practice to deceive"

    Truer words have never been spoken about the cast of characters featured in "The End Time Of The Jews & Jerusalem". Daniel the prophet's deceit filled drama that is presently appearing on the Mideast stage of history.

We've come to a time in history where the lie becomes the truth, and the truth the lie.

The whole is equal to the sum of its parts, but when the whole thing is a lie, then so are all of the parts. And, as predicted, that's exactly what's evident when you watch the interaction of the players presently acting out Daniels' prophecy about the end time of the Jews and their holy city, Jerusalem.

To get a better understanding of how it all came to the present, we first have to know where the plot is going for the Jews. And of course, the objective is to bring peace and security to Israel, and rebuild the temple on temple mount in Jerusalem, and name the person who accomplishes these things, Messiah, for whom the Jews have long been waiting.

On the other hand, you have the one named Messiah, for his excellent deeds, and his motive for having the fortitude to attain such heights. And if his motives be known, they would reek of deceit, for he is a false deliverer, who has as his goals, monumental power and the ultimate destruction of the Jews, hidden deep in his heart.

But, he and the Jews are not the only ones involved. He has to perpetrate his lie to everyone involved in the peace and security of Israel, and the temples rebuilding negotiations. Each of the others involved suspect his evil intentions, because each has his own agenda for what will be the outcome of the agreed upon 'peace' that they make with Israel. Thus, each in turn lies to the other concerning their agendas, as each votes to make peace for the common good, because the option of war leads to their own annihilation.

Three of the participants cannot contain themselves at the thought of the Jews building a temple on their holy ground in Jerusalem, and must be put down in order to maintain existence of the region, and life itself. 

The insurrections are put down, and a time of peace will reign in the land of Nod. But the entire episode was built on the original lie, thus, after three and a half years, the weight of the lies breaks through the thin walls of the peace, and all of a sudden, hell is running loose among the Jews, and anyone else who tries to come against him.

All the while, the West, represented by the mightiest Democracy, is deluded into not only sponsoring him, with money, arms and promises, but aids him in his quest for powerful positions, based upon the lies hiding their own plan for world dominance.

One wonders why any of them thinks that their lie is the one that is going to stand up at the end of the day. They will all be quite surprised when the double cross comes their way, because they are each further diluted by their own lies, and don't see it coming.

The deception the Jews fall for comes about because they have been blinded by their ultra-religious segment, who is looking for a Messiah who brings peace and security to Israel, and allows for the temple to be rebuilt.

The Muslim nations each has it's own deceitful reasons to participate, but are held together in a loose confederacy by the sacred, holy nature of their spiritually endowed electee to the throne of peacemaker in their names. For this reason, they do not expect a double cross, and are shocked by the reality of it, but fall in line behind the leader, helpless before him.

No one is more shocked by his actions than the West (The Roman Empire West, sponsors of the 'little horn') They were so busy dividing up the world into ten neat little sections, each with it's own king at the helm, plenty of business, business, business to do, and, they thought their deal with him was solid (yea, solid his way), so they weren't watching close enough either.

So, he unites the Muslims around the oil, and the world is in a Mexican standoff, and because of the oil, the world stands by, and even cheers, as he turns on the Jews, and begins their systematic annihilation, as his plan called for from the start.

But, God never intended that Satan should be victorious over His people, so, He gathers their enemies together at Megiddo and Christ returns in triumph, defeats them in battle, saves the Jews and sets up His stone Kingdom from which He rules the earth for the next one thousand years.

The web of men's lies became so entangled that it brought the world to the brink of extinction, where only the God who created it, was capable of sorting it out, setting it straight and starting it over.

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