The Biblical Prophecies directed towards 'End Times' are very specific about the nature of the people, places and events of which they speak. For that reason, the world becomes a stage on which the manifestation of prophecy is played out. The players involved, whether cognizant or not of the part they play, are on stage, playing out the drama on a daily basis.

The prophecies are there, and life goes on day after day. The end time story the prophecies tell are either happening on todays stage or they are not.

Today, the people, places, and events of the prophecies are overlaying each other with a speed and accuracy that permits anyone who knows the story to watch the drama of prophecy unfold into real time history. It is literally just like watching a Broadway play!

This perspective is based on a long, on going and careful examination of the overview of the 'End Time' prophecies, and the day to day developments as they relate to the story told in those prophecies.

The insights presented here reveal a story, the brightness of which has been dimmed by traditions. Our message is simple. "The Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men". Our presentation demonstrates that truth. God has set times for all of the events in Biblical Prophecy, including the Rapture of the Church.

The conclusion of the prophecies concerning the Church, is when Jesus returns, and from the clouds, raises the dead in Christ, and catches away the living in Christ. Thus fulfilling the prophecies, and bringing the Church age to an end. It is for that purpose that we answer God's call to be His Voice from the Wilderness of cyberspace to be used in 'real time and space' to prepare the world for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ for His Church - The Rapture

From there, the scriptural story goes on to describe the events that will happen to the Jews, and the multitude (those that were not raptured) on earth during the next seven years.

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"End Times" is the period in history described in the book of Daniel the prophet, generally known as the 70th week of Daniel.

Daniels prophecy is about the end time of his people the Jews and their holy city Jerusalem. If you're looking for end times, look there. He was told to seal up the prophecy until it's time. If you find Daniels drama going on there now, then it is end times.

In order to demonstrate the "spiritual time" in history that we presently occupy, we must step back and look at the prophecies and the stage [world] from an overview perspective.

To aid in our understanding, a brief overview of the scriptural story is necessary to set the present day stage.


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