Many of the prophets spoke of the 'End Times'. Even The Lord Jesus. However, you must understand that in prophecy, some prophets paint a subject with a broad brush, while others with a finer, more detailed brush concerning the same subject. Viewing prophecy is like looking at a distant mountain range. At first all you see is a single range of mountains in the distance, but as you get closer, you are able to see the distinction between the lower hills and the mountains behind. And, as you climb the lower hills, you can see down into the valleys below. That's just how prophecy works. Prophets saw different viewpoints of the same events, some with more detail than others.

The prophets we will examine are, The Lord Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew, Daniel, John and Paul.

DANIEL: In Chapter 2:31-36, Daniel interprets a dream of King Nebuchadnezzar. The interpretation unfolds the kingdoms that will flow out of his kingdom, Babylon. He tells that the next kingdom would be the Medo - Persian, the next, the Grecian, the next, the Roman, and one more after that, a latter day, end time kingdom, out of which would grow Antichrists Kingdom, whose ruler would be killed by God Himself, whereupon God would set up His kingdom, and it would last forever. That's five new kingdoms in all.

In Chapter 9, verse 24 Daniel outlines 490 years off history for the Jews. Beginning from a specific time, it is broken into three parts. A 49 year period, a 434 year period, and a 7 year period. During the first period, Jerusalem would be rebuilt, and by the end of the second period, the Messiah would have arrived on the scene and be killed, and finally the 7 year period that would conclude God's dealing with the Jews. There is a gap in the time between the end of the second period and the beginning of the final seven year period. So far the gap has lasted approximately 1,963 years.

In verse 27, Daniel gives an overview of that final 7 years. He chronicles the events of the beginning, the middle and the end of that period.

The time begins with an individual making a pact with the Jews that brings them peace. Part of the pact includes the rebuilding of their temple and once again sacrifices for the atonement of their sins, which has not been done since 70 AD. Three and a half years later, this individual breaks his pact with them, defiles their temple, and turns on them. He proclaims himself their god and spreads his abominations and makes their land desolate right to the end. That end coming from the great wrath of God poured out on all of them, and the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus, the Christ. (Matt.24:30)

Daniel also details the rise of this person who is in position to make the offer that brings the Jews peace. He tells of this person coming out of an alliance with ten rulers of that day in a region encompassed by the Eastern branch of the Old Roman Empire. He tells also that as this ruler rises to power, he will make war and uproot three of the ten kings from the alliance, while the remaining seven kings support him with the authority to act for them.(Dan.7:7,8,20,23,24)

Daniel also details the geographic origin of this person (the Antichrist/False Deliverer), as coming from the Seleucid portion of the old Grecian Empire.(Dan.8:7-11)

So, we have learned from Daniel that four kingdoms will grow out of the Babylonian Kingdom, and there will be a time when a future ruler, who comes from the Seleucid portion of the Old Grecian Empire, will make and defend a pact with the Jews that brings peace to their world lasting seven years. (Allowing the rest of the world to get back to the business of buying and selling, causing a prosperous future outlook)

This makes the Jews and their neighbors at peace, their temple gets rebuilt, the sacrifice is re-established, all by reason of the defender/peace maker, and good will is felt by all in the region. Truly, the orthodoxy feels, this must be the deliverer that they have been waiting for these many long years!

Egypt isn't happy about what's going on, and calls a meeting with the defender/peace maker/deliverer. They meet, but lie to one another. (Dan.11:27) Egypt makes war against him, and is defeated. (Dan.11:40)

But, at the end of three and half years, this heretofore benefactor turns on the Jews, (Dan.9:27 ) proclaims himself as their god in their temple, (IIThes.2:4) hunts them down and starts killing them.(Rev.13:15-17)

Towards the end of the seven years there is major worldly chaos and an enormous war breaks out. (Dan.11:40-45)

The Lord Jesus, comes to this war with all his people, and emerges triumphant. (Rev.19:11-21)

JOHN: In Revelation, John describes a person entering the scene just as this seven year period begins. As the first seal opens, he enters riding on a white horse, carrying a bow, with no arrow, wearing a crown given to him in honor. He then goes to war, and what follows him is famine, pestilence and death. (Rev.6:1-8)

This is the very same person described by Daniel. Here he is seen as the peacemaker, already wearing the crown given to him in honor of having gone to war against three of the ten kings in defense of the pact made with the Jews.

MATTHEW: The Lord Jesus is speaking in overview to His disciples (Jews, no church has been established as yet) in answer to their questions concerning "End Times". He tells them of many signs of His coming, (the second coming - in vengeance) but not to be too troubled by them, because the end is not yet, and for that matter, those things are only the beginning of their sorrows.

He tells them that some of them will be saved and make it through past the "end". He tells them that He will give them ample warning, but when they see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel their prophet, start running!

If you're on the roof, don't even come down to take anything out of the house, and if you're in the field working, don't go back for your clothes, because you've never seen, nor will you ever again see, what's about to happen. (Matt.24:1-37)

The Lord Jesus confirms this person described by Daniel. (Dan.9:27) The book of Ezekiel details exactly what's going to happen in overview, the book of Revelation details it one step at a time and the book of Jeremiah tells them why.

PAUL: Paul describes a person to the Church at Thessalonica, when he is reminding them that he already told them that they were not going through the Great Tribulation, because before that "man of sin" could even come on the scene they would be "caught up". He tells them that as long as the Church remains, it would be the restraining force holding back the revealing of this person. (IIThes.2:1-8)

THE LORD JESUS, DANIEL, MATTHEW, JOHN and PAUL, each with a different view of the same point in time. Each describing a certain individual, the same individual, who, the story goes on to explain, will eventually rise to the leadership of a world government. (Rev.17:1-18)

This then is an objective broad brush overview of the story told in scripture, and of the details within that story as provided by the prophets


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