Now we must examine if the point in time in which this individual is placed by the story, is our present time.

The first thing we must keep in mind during this study is that these prophecies are all directed at the Jews and their decedents. Throughout scripture, all of the kingdoms referenced are only those who have dealings with or influence over the Jews. This is not a history of the world, but a history of a single people and those who cross paths with them. (Dan9:27)

The signs The Lord Jesus speaks of in Matthew 24 are signs that point to the end. The end defined as the Second Coming of Christ, where He returns in vengeance, vanquishes His enemies, and sets up His kingdom here on earth. (Dan2:44) This end, is a series of events, not just one. (Rev.6-19) The series happens over a period of seven years. They happen during two distinct periods of three and a half years each. (Dan.9:27)

"Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming and the end of the world"?(Matt.24:3)

The Lord Jesus answers His disciples in a broad brushed overview at first, telling them that during the period before His coming they [the Jews] will hear of wars and insurrections, as Nations rise against Nations, and Kingdoms against Kingdoms, and there will be famines, pestilence's and earthquakes, all of this going on in diverse places around the planet.

Then He says that all these are only the beginning of their sorrows. Because then He tells them that while all this is happening, they will be delivered up to be killed, and that the reason for this is they will be hated for the sake of His name. Then He speaks of how the Jews will betray and hate one another. And that because evil is going on all around them, there won't be much love.

Then He gives them a little good news, and tells them that those who live through it will be saved. [meaning that their race will survive to multiply and still attain the final reward some one thousand years in the future].

Next He explains that the story of the Kingdom will be witnessed to all the Jewish Tribes [by 12,000 from each tribe] in the Nations of the world, so that they know the story of what's coming, and with that accomplished, then shall the end come. He completes the thought by telling them that if He didn't interrupt and shorten the time of the person who is killing them, none of them would survive.(Matt24:.4-22)

All of what The Lord Jesus had to say happens after the beginning of the seven year period. He describes the entire seven years in overview, which is what makes it so clear. This story confirms the story told in Daniel about the same period.

The opening part about the wars and insurrection, famine, pestilence's, and earthquakes, are presently going on. Even though they have been forever in history, and it promises to get worse, this couldn't be the time if they weren't happening now. At present there are more of these phenomena taking place than at any time during past generations.