Israel - The Focal Point

So, what's going on with the Jews today? This is the important thing to know, because this is all directed at them. They are the central figures in this drama. Although the world is the whole stage, the mid east is the focal point where the drama is being played out.

Let's begin with them when their Nation was still prophecy. The Balfour Declaration, November 1917 paves the way for the creation of the state of Israel and when the British pull out of Palestine in 1948, prophecy becomes history! David Ben Gurion becomes the new states first prime minister.

Israel with it's sponsors, Britain and the USA, emerges onto todays scene, having survived through 4 wars, numerous attacks from many kingdoms, and presently in the midst of solving the controversy [The promised land controversy] that lies beneath the surface of the one most often discussed, the Palestinian homeland issue.

Although the Palestinian Homeland question, left unanswered since 1917, is what needs to be resolved, the reason for peace isn't made as clear as it might be. The unrest caused by the problem on the surface is effecting the entire world's economic structure, because the fuel that operates the world is OIL.

The oil and it's stability or instability is the dominating force that keeps the world powers meddling in the affairs of such insignificant, by comparison, little countries. But, as time would have it, the world's attention is presently focused on a part of the world that is the very same Seleucid portion of the old Grecian Empire, namely, Syria, Northwest Iraq, Southern Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel, which all fall in the territory of the Eastern branch of the old Roman Empire.

Exactly where the prophets place it at the end times. No other time in history focuses the world's undivided attention on this exact little piece of ground for this exact reason, namely needing peace between the Jews and the other peoples of this exact territory. This would be a non issue if it weren't for the rebirth of Israel in 1948.

For years they tried to get to the peace table. They are finally there, and making a serious assault at peace.

A note to remember here, is that from Paul we know that the peacemaker can't be revealed while the Church is here (IIThes.2:6,7,8). The Church will not see the peace made, so therefore they won't see the peacemaker, that is, to see him make peace. But if you know the story, and see the stage set with the players, you can readily see who' s who and why.