A word about orientation
before you get started.

Best viewed at 1024X768

This study was designed to be a self study.
It is best to proceed with the study
in the order of it's layout
in the Main Menu beginning with
Tabernacle In the Wilderness.

This study is also available as an audio/software CD combo set

The study screen is divided into 3 windows.
Each window has it's own scroll bar.

  • This left screen displays the study text.  Use the scroll bar or the down arrow key to move down the screen.

  • The top right window displays the Menu. Scroll down the menu to select individual parts of the study.

  • The bottom right window holds the King James version of the Holy Bible. Each book opens in it's own window when you click on it's name. 

  • The Rapture Series was designed to be displayed at 1024X768 but the teaching does resize its self for viewing at 800X600. The frames may also be resized, for example if you do not want to use the King James version of the Holly Bible you can grab the inner border and drag it to the side of the screen.  Enjoy!

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