Hello and welcome to  The truth you CAN’T deny - about end time prophecy.

It’s undeniable because it is STRAIGHT out of the word of God.

If you Agree the Bible IS the true word of God - Then, Hear THIS Truth.

You know, there’s a funny thing about Truth - when you hear it, you can run and hide from it, but you can’t deny it, because the TRUTH  IS the TRUTH!!

Now, lets investigate and discern some TRUTHS about what scripture says is the TRUTH about “End Times”.

Are we in “End Times”?   Can we know more than vaguely if we are?

The simple fact is, scripture tells you EXACTLY when you are in the end times. What God says is not ambiguous, you don’t have to be a theologian to understand it, or a Greek scholar to read it.   God told us a lot about the end times, and made it ever so clear.  Do you think that it would be like Him, to have created this whole thing, planned it out, set it in motion, sent the promised Redeemer, who got rejected, started a church, and promised to reward that church for watching, and then leave out the sign that lets you know when it’s time to watch.  He wants you to watch, it’s His final drama!  He’s in control! He said that you are in the end times when the events of the Prophecy of Daniel are clearly visible playing out on the stage of history.  Daniel is the key to end times - PERIOD!

First, lets define “end times” - by its definition you will come to understand why Daniel’s prophecy is the key.  End times is the time in history when God returns to complete the covenant He made with the old Testament people - that time is commonly known as the final week, or 70th week of Daniel.

The word ‘weeks’, as used in scripture is “heptad”, which literally means weeks of years - each “heptad” represents 7 years.  So, end times by definition is the final 7 years, and the events of that time, culminating with the return of Christ - and because Daniel, the prophet of the Jew, was given this prophecy it is the key to the end times and the proof of  that is contained within the prophecy, in fact in chapter 12, at verse 4 and again at verse 9, God commands Daniel to seal up the word until the time of the end.

That’s twice that God tells us to know and understand that the prophecy of Daniel is sealed until the time of the end. 

For those of you who understand Gods numerology, you know that the number 2 stands for adequate witness.  When God says something twice, He means it!  That clearly means that you are in the End Times when the seal is broken and you see the events portrayed in the prophecy of Daniel, happening on the stage of history.  That’s when you’re in end times!

Another TRUTH found at chapter 12, verse 4,  is that when the seal IS broken on the word of Daniel, knowledge will be increased.  That stands to reason, because if the events of the prophecy were visible on the stage of history, simply by looking  we would know who the players in the drama were, what they were up to, how it was going and where we are in Biblical time.

 Another very important TRUTH about End Times appears in the Prophecy of Daniel in chapter 9, at verse 4.  Here it is made absolutely clear as to whom and about what the prophecy concerns.  It reads . . . "70 weeks (heptads - 490 years) are determined upon thy people, and thy holy city . . ."  Daniel, was a Jew, and his holy city was Jerusalem!  Therefore, the events of this prophecy are clearly directed at the Jews, and Jerusalem.  So, if we are to know the TRUTH about being in the End Times, we must look for the events of the prophecy of Daniel happening to the Jews and Jerusalem Today!

Let’s summarize then:

First: Daniel is the Key to End Times, because the prophecy was sealed until the time of the end. Next: it was written to, and about the Jews and Jerusalem.  Finally: The only way we can be in the End Times is if we can find the events of the prophecy of Daniel on the present day stage of History.

Jesus Himself verified this to the apostles (remember, they were Jews, there was no church at that time)!  In Matthew, chapter 24, at verse 15, He tells them, (paraphrasing) when you see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by your prophet Daniel, know that it is time to run, and don’t look back!

The abomination of desolations is an event prophesied in chapter 9 of Daniel, at verse 26! 

So, are the events of Daniel appearing on the stage of history today?  Let’s let that dangle for a few minutes while we see what other events are scheduled for the “End Times”.

As you may have gathered by now, End times is not a single event!  God has scheduled a  series of events for that time to take place during that final 7 years ending with the return of Christ, when HE comes back in vengeance.

Here is a list of them:

First, Paul tells us in  his 1st letter to the  Thessalonians in chapter 4 at verse 16, that the Dead in Christ will rise First - do you believe that?

Next, at verse 17, he says that those who are alive and remain at the time will be “caught up” with the dead that rose - That’s commonly called the Rapture of the Church.

Then in Revelations, Chapter 7, at verse 3 we find 144,000 people, 12,000  from each of the tribes of Israel being marked by an angel with the seal of God in their foreheads.  Their job is described as being  preachers of the Gospel of the kingdom, preaching to the multitude left on earth after the Rapture of the Church.

Then there’s the Great Tribulation, the great!  Fully described in the book of Revelations. During that time the peacemaker of revelations 6 will be on the scene, as well as the False prophet who makes a deal with the false deliverer of the Jews, more commonly known as Antichrist.

And finally, the Second coming of our Lord Jesus, the Messiah.

These events are the events scheduled to take place in the final 7 years before the Savior returns.

But, if it’s end times, scripture points out yet  another TRUTH that appears at that time.  Revelations chapter 3, at verses 14-21 describes the attributes of  the final age of the Church - Commonly know as the Church of Laodicea.

This final stage of the church’s evolvement at this time is described by God as  “luke warm”, and His intentions are to spit them up.  He says that because they are increased with goods, and have need of nothing, they have gone blind and don’t see that they are wretched, miserable, poor and naked.

Then He hands them the saddest news of all - those “luke warmer’s”, the ones getting spit up - they total 50%!  I find that Astonishing! Even  amazing! Only 50% of the new age church is going in the Rapture.  Lets read it - Rev. chapter 3, at verse 19.  At verse 18, He counsels them, and at verse 19 He says . . .”As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten . . .”  As many as - that means 50% get rebuked!

But then at verse 20, God shows His mercy and His love for them when He invites them to him for the last time - you know the verse - “Behold, I stand at the door and knock - if any man hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into him . . .”  But clearly, half of them don’t answer the door!

Then the final verse of chapter 3 . . . God speaking . . . “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches . . .”  That’s the last time anyone hears of the church in all the rest of this book of revelations, until chapter 19 when they return with Jesus, as He prepares to do final battle with Satan.

And to make sure we heard it, again, He tells us twice.  In Matthew, chapter 25 is found the story of the 10 virgins.  And, because 5 of them were out trying to buy oil for their lamps when the groom came for the bride, they missed the wedding party.  50% didn’t make it!  Again, number 2 is adequate witness to God.  He makes it very clear.

So, what we have is this - When Daniel is on the Scene, that equals end times, and when you are in end times, that equals the Laodicean age of the Church.

Now to return to that question we left dangling a while back - Are the events of the prophecy of Daniel visible on the stage of history today?  The answer is: Daniel is on the Scene NOW!  And we are gong to show you where to look, and what to look at so you can become a watcher, just like us!

But first lets take a look at the End Time Church - I think you’ll find this very interesting . . .

Next Chapter - The Church at End Times