A word about orientation 
before you get started.

best viewed in 1024X768

The study screen is divided into 4 windows.  
Each window has it's own scroll bar.

  • This left screen displays the study text.  Use the scroll bar or the down arrow key to move down the screen. Any screen with narration has a Real Audio icon in the upper left corner. Click the icon to listen to the narration*. Your speakers must be turned on.  You can also follow the narration along in the text.

  • The top right window displays the Table of ContentsScroll down the table to select individual chapters.

  • Links within the study lead to miniature charts in the Chart Room window.  Clicking on any chart in this window will enlarge it .    You can also scroll through the chart Room to review any chart at any time.

  • The bottom right window holds the King James version of the Holy Bible. Each book opens in it's own window when you click on it's name. 

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This study is also available as an audio/software CD combo set